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Motions for Albums


Motions for Beastie Boys' Album Cover "Licensed To Ill"

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To celebrate 30th anniversary of BeastieBoys' 'Licensed to Ill,’ I animated the cover to let the air plane fly. The original cover has the plane head crushing on the mountain hidden inside the album package. The motion refers to fly freely as a celebration!



Motions for Rihanna's album Cover "Anti"

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Also, to promote Rihanna's album Anti, we planed to post the album cover with dynamic motion on social medias to catch audience's eyes. I decided not to move major elements in its composition but produced subtle movement for dots to add the richness.


Motions for Bush's album Razorblade Suitcase

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To celebrate 20th anniversary of the album Razorblades Suitcase by Bush, it requires promotions on social medias. I used the fire element from original cover art to make several gifs. This simplified image got the approval by the creative team in Oslo.

Copyright reserved to Tidal

Copyright reserved to Tidal