Posters for Pratt Digital Arts


Digital Arts Lecture Poster: Lynn Tomlinson

11"x17", 2017 spring

When I worked as the graduate assistant during my second year of MFA, I assisted to host the Digital Arts visiting artist lecture series, artist studio critics and promotion including online and prints. I was actually excited to design posters for the events, taking it as an opportunity to expand and transform my skills from game design working experiment to broader aesthetics. 


Digital Arts Lecture Poster:
Daria Dorosh

11"x17", 2017 spring

To increase the audience, I emphasized the letters DDA which are generally known as Department of Digital Arts in Pratt community to catch viewer's eyes.

All posters were required to be printed in Tabloid size. 


Reschedule Poster: William D. Caballero

Pratt Digital Arts
5.5"x8.5" (Half of tabloid)


Digital Arts Visiting Artist Series 2017 Spring Lineup 

Pratt Digital Arts